Giani Lincan | art of playing the cimbalom 
classical | jazz | gypsy music


Giani Lincan was consecrated at the young age of five in the secrets of the cimbalom by his grandfather. In 1989 he graduated at the Music academy '' George Enescu '' in Bucharest / Romania.

He gained important practical experience by playing with a number of Romanian state orchestras: ''Doina Armatei'', the ensemble Ciocarlia, and the record company Electrecord,
Orchestra Radio and several other orchestras. He has become a very experienced and disciplined musician.
In 1996 he decided to explore a different audience and moved to the Netherlands. From 1996 to the present, Giani Lincan participated alongside many successful musicians at numerous festivals and concerts in Western and Eastern Europe. 
In 2003 he founded the Lincan Ensemble with which he has played on many national and international stages for over than 15 years.
In 2004 he founded his own Artists Agency in the Netherlands, where he performed music for many major and minor events. 
Also from 2003 - 2012  Giani Lincan was a music teacher at CKC Zoetermeer in the Netherlands working as a cimbalom and Balkan music teacher. 
In 2011 he became the initiator of the International Cimbalom Festival in the Netherlands. 
In 2013 famous American director Wes Anderson invited Giani to contribute to a soundtrack for his new movie '' The Grand Budapest Hotel '' in London. He also performed in the house of the noble family Otto von Bismarck from Germany. 
In 2014, Giani participated in a special jazz project '' Romané Chavé '' recorded by ARTE TV at the jazz festival 'Samois' in France as a documentary about  legendary jazz guitarist Django Reinhard, where Giani performed alongside major jazz musicians such as Stochelo Rosenberg,Dedier Lockwood and Birelli Lagrené. 
In 2015 Giani was invited to participate in the music project: "Hungarian Connection", where he performed several concerts with the EJO symphony orchestra on tour. The highlight at the end of 2015 was the invitation of famous composer and conductor Vladimir Cosma to adapt the cymbal sound of Giani Lincan to  film music in his compositions with the national symphony orchestra George Enescu from Romania. 

In 2016 on the initiative of Dynamic Art Center of Romania, Giani was invited to participate in the Jazz Project '' RoManouche '' where he performed a concert tour through Romania and Norway. 

In 2017, Giani will start a new collaboration with the Quantum Music production house, where new music projects are being prepared. In 2017 he released a new album '' Hore Concertante Romanesti. '' A selection of virtuosic pieces composed by: George Boulanger, Grigoras Dinicu, and more. At the Montpellier 2017 international guitar festival he attended and performed alongside the guitarist Bireli Lagrene and the Boulou Feres brothers. With the Oltenia Philharmonic Orchestra in Romania, he played under the direction of the Italian conductor Gian Luigi Zampieri a premiere concert for the Cimbalom and Philharmonic Orchestra. In the Netherlands as well as in other countries, he has performed various concerts together with his ensemble in 2017. 

In 2018 he was invited by the Max et les Ferrailleuses jazz orchestra to Paris, France to perform at the famous jazz club Cafe Montparnasse.
February 2018 alongside the Boulou Feres brothers, Giani performed at the 11th edition of the 'Welcome in Tziganie' festival in France. In Belgium, he was invited to the fourth edition of the Swing Oasis Festival where he performed alongside the Swing Oasis jazz orchestra. On the occasion of the centennial 100th anniversary of the 100th anniversary of the Romanian Union, Giani Lincan performed in Holland with his orchestra in the Veluwe Park at the Romanian Days event.
The CNCR invited Giani Lincan to perform for the project '' Caravana Mari Uniri '', a tour of 9 concerts with the Romano Kher string orchestra where he performs in different cities of Romania. He is also often invited to various television stations in Bucharest, where he talks about his music project and his music career.

In 2019, he releases in Romania the new album '' Hore Concertante Româneşti ''. He has given numerous concerts in Holland, Norway and Romania.

He is currently preparing various music projects.